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The control electronics for the Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Ellipsometry training session during installation of the M2000 in CREOL 242, May 2012.

The Nanophotonics and Near-field Optics Group manages a variable angle mapping spectroscopic ellipsometer, the Woollam M2000. The system enables the rapid determination of linear optical properties (refractive index, absorption coefficient, depolarization factors, anisotropy) in the UV-VIS-NIR spectral range. Focusing optics enable a measurement spot size as small as 100x100 um2. Samples up to 6x6" can be investigated, and a motorized sample stage enables automated multi-point measurements (sample mapping). Incident angles between 45-65 degrees off-normal can be used. Contact Prof. Kik for information about system access. Please check in advance if samples adhere to the measurement guidelines.

System specifications:
- determination of film thickness, refractive index, anisotropy
- wavelength range of 0.24um - 1.7um
- spectral resolution ~3 nm (UV-VIS) to ~6nm (NIR)
- full spectral measurements in under 5 seconds (single spot)
- automated variable angle between 45-65 degrees off-normal
- automated sample mapping, maximum area 6" x 6"
- spatial mapping resolution (spot size) better than 100x100 um2

Army Research Office Funded by the Army Research Office, ARO DURIP FY2011 "High-Speed Scanning Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for the Rapid Optical Mapping of Large-Area Plasmonic Nanocomposites ".

View of the microspot on a thin gold film on a microscope cover slip. The faint halo around the spot is due to the top-illumination for sample visualization.

View of the defocused beam on the alignment target of the receiver, reflected in a Si wafer.