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A view inside CREOL classroom 104


For a quick impression of ongoing research in the Nanophotonics and Near-field Optics group, have a look at some of our recent presentations.

Single particle spectroscopy of gap plasmon enhanced phenomena. Stanford Optics and Electronic Seminar, 2015.

Interdigitated electrode with 50 percent metal coverage and 100 percent optical transmission. Spring MRS Conference, 2014.

Design and evaluation of cascaded plasmonic metamaterials. SPIE Optics and Photonics, San Diego, 2012.

Surface-coupled Metal Nanoparticle Arrays. Fall MRS, Boston, 2010.

Metal Substrate Induced Control of Ag Nanoparticle Plasmon Resonances for Tunable SERS Substrates. Fall MRS, Boston, 2010.

Si Sensitization of Er-doped Silica for Low Thermal Budget CMOS Compatible Sources Operating at 1.54 um. Fall MRS, Boston, 2010.

Plasmon enhanced nonlinear absorption and refraction. Gordon Research Conference on Plasmonics, Waterville 2010.

The role of hydrogen in the luminescence-center-mediated Er excitation in Si rich SiO2 with and without Si nanocrystals. Fall MRS Conference, Boston, 2008.

Anomalous Surface Plasmon Dispersion in Metallodielectric Multilayers. Presented at the SPIE conference on Plasmonics in San Diego, 2007.

In-situ experimental study of a near-field lens at visible frequencies. EE Seminar, Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard, 2005.