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The Leica 5000+ electron beam lithography facility in the CREOL cleanroom


We are continuously looking for talented researchers. People interested in joining our research group should send a resume and a brief list of research interests to the address given on the contact page.

General information on applying to CREOL

The College of Optics and Photonics typically brings in 20-30 new graduate students per year from all over the world, and our group usually takes on one student per year. Talented students can always find an exciting research project in our group or in one of the many other research groups at CREOL. To join the Optics program at CREOL, fill out an application as soon as possible. Be sure to check the UCF application deadlines. It is recommended to submit the CREOL pre-application at least two months before the UCF application deadline.

If you are an excellent student, you should also apply for a fellowship. Some of the fellowships offered at UCF cover a significant part of your salary for at least a year, improving your chances of joining the best possible research group. For general questions about the application process that are not answered on the info page please contact either Rachel Franzetta or David Hagan, who will be happy to help out.