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Amitabh Ghoshal and Grady Webb-Wood taking the appropriate safety precautions while working with lasers


Currently the Nanophotonics and Near-field Optics group consists of Pieter Kik, Seyfollah Toroghi, and Chatdanai 'Tua' Lumdee. Contact info can be found below or by clicking the links above.

Prof. Pieter G. Kik
Phone 407-8234622 / Fax 407-8236875 / Email: kikcreol.ucf.edu

Pieter obtained his Ph.D. at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam (AMOLF) in the group of Prof. A. Polman. He subsequently joined the group of Prof. H. A. Atwater at Caltech as a postdoctoral scholar working on surface plasmon nanophotonics. Current research interests are near-field optical interactions, plasmon optical devices, and nanoscale energy transfer processes.

Seyfollah Toroghi
Lab 407-8236979 / Office 407-8236899 / Email: storoghiknights.ucf.edu

Seyfollah joined the group in the Fall of 2009. He received his B.S. in Applied Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics from Tabriz University, in Tabriz, Iran, and his M.S. in Photonics at Shahid Beheshti University. His work will involve simulations and experiments on plasmon resonant nanostructured composites.

Chatdanai 'Tua' Lumdee
Lab 407-8236979 / Office 407-8236950 / Email: chatdanai.Lknights.ucf.edu

Tua joined the group in the Fall of 2010. He received his B.S. in Engineering with a major in Nano Engineering at Chulalongkorn University, in Bangkok, Thailand. His work focuses on field enhancement in nanostructured surfaces for biosensing applications.

Yu-Wei Lin
Lab 407-8236979 / Office 407-8236899 / Email: yu-weiknights.ucf.edu

Yu-Wei joined the group in the Spring of 2012 to pursue a Masters Degree in Optics. His work will focuses on the large-scale fabrication of nanophotonic elements using nano-imprint lithpgraphy (NIL).

Binfeng 'Bin' Yun
Lab 407-8236979 / Office 407-8236899 / Email: ybfcreol.ucf.edu

Bin joined the group in the Fall of 2011 as a Visiting Research Scientist, working on the use of electron-beam-lithography fabricated coupled plasmon resonant structures for use as surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates.


Oleksandr (Alex) Savchyn
Desk 407-8236950 / Lab 407-8236979 / Email: osavchynmail.ucf.edu

Alex joined the group in Fall 2004. After earning his PhD in Optics in 2010, Alex Savchyn joined Micron Technology where he worked on enhancing the resolution of UV lithography. Currently, he works at Oclaro in the greater Boston, MA area where he is involved in the development of the new generation of transponders for fiber optics networks. For more up-to-date information, please see Dr. Alex Savchyn on LinkedIn.

Amitabh Ghoshal
Desk 407-8236899 / Lab 407-8236979 / Email: aghoshalcreol.ucf.edu

Amitabh is originally from Calcutta, India. He earned his BA in 2001 from Hanover College in the short span of 3½ years with majors in Physics and Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. His work as a Graduate student involved designing structures for efficient excitation of surface plasmons on metal films. After obtaining his PhD in Optics in 2010, Dr. Ghoshal joined the group of Prof. Daniel E Morse at the University of California at Santa Barbara, in the Institute for Collabrative Biotechnolgies. For more up-to-date information, see Dr. Amitabh Ghoshal on LinkedIn.

Monas Shahzad
Lab 407-8236979 / Office 407-8236860 / Email: mshahzadphysics.ucf.edu

Monas joined the group in the Fall of 2009. He received is M.S. in Physics with a specialization in electronics in 2001 at the Govt. College Lahore, Pakistan. In 2007 he moved to the United States on a Fullbright Scholarship. His work focused on the use of sub-stochiometric oxides for applications in photonics.

Damien Denis

Damien visited the group in the Summer of 2009 as part of an Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program funded by the National Science Foundation. During his visit he developed an automated experimental setup to perform angle-controlled reflectivity measurements in-situ in an inverted optical microscope. This setup can ultimately be used to excited surface plasmons on a wide variety of samples.

Grady Webb-Wood

Grady obtained his BS in physics from Duke University working in the group of Henry Everitt, where he did simulations of 2D photonic crystals and performed refractive index measurements on Al(x)Ga(1-x)N films. As a Graduate student of Optics he studied near-field focusing using surface plasmons on thin metal films.

Forrest Ruhge

After completing his B.S. in Physics at UCF, Forrest joined the Nanophotonics and Near-field Optics Group in Fall 2004. His work as a Masters student in the group focused on semiconductor nanoparticle synthesis and characterization for applications in microlasers.

Dana Kohlgraf-Owens

Dana obtained her B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Ohio State. She joined CREOL in Fall 2005. Her research focused on plasmon enhanced nonlinear effects in metallodielectric structures.

Horacio Carias

Horacio joined the group in Fall 2005 to work on surface plasmon dispersion engineering while he was an undergraduate student in the Department of Physics at UCF.

Britt Torrance

Britt joined the group during the Spring of 2006 to work on surface plasmon technologies and nanoscale optics, with a particular interest in plasmonic waveguides for data transfer/processing and the materials these systems will require. Britt has done prior research with Dr. Stephen M. Kuebler, of the UCF Department of Chemistry and CREOL, before changing his major to Physics. He currently works as a PhD student at GeorgiaTech.

Clarisse Mazuir
Desk 407-8231671 / Lab 407-8236979 / Email: cmazuircreol.ucf.edu

Clarisse joined the group for a Master's project in 2005. Before coming to CREOL she studied undergraduate Optics at the Ecole Superieure d’Optique. Her research project will focus on surface plasmon dispersion control.

Elodie Largenton
Desk 407-8231671 / Lab 407-8236979 / Email: elodiecreol.ucf.edu

Elodie is a student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique in Marseille, France. As part of her undergraduate studies she will do a short project in the group involving plasmon resonance tuning.

Karthik Narayanan
Desk 407-8231671 / Lab 407-8236979 / Email: knarayanmail.ucf.edu

Karthik Narayanan worked in the Kik group for one year starting in 2003. As part of his Directed Research he studied surface plasmon refraction. In 2004 he joined the Microsystems Engineering program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).